Outages in Swedish power grid caused by the storm Alfrida

Timezone: CET
Incident start: 2019-01-01 20:00
Incident description: Outages in powergrid due to the storm Alfrida
Current estimated time of repair/resolution(ETR): 2019-01-10 19:00

Affected Users: Those affected by power outages caused by storm Alfrida
Affected Services: Several
Affected geographical area: Sweden

Impact: High
Magnitude: Major
Cause of disturbance: Storm Alfrida

The ongoing storm ’Alfrida’ in Sweden is affecting thousands of nodes in the power grid. All nodes without power generator will suffer power outages, at least intermittently. All core nodes within the IP-Only network have power generators, data centres have redundant power as well as multiple power generators and several additional nodes have contingencies.

Customer locations without power backup will of course also suffer outages if the service is delivered on a CPE or other medium that requires a power connection. Customer without redundancy power may experience some issues if A-power or B-power is temporarily discontinued at a site.

If unsure whether you are suffering from a power outage, please check with your power provider if you are affected. All Swedish power providers have this information available on their respective websites. If you do not know which power provider you have, please check Nätområden.se which lists grid owners in all of Sweden.

If you are experiencing issues on a node which should have backup generators, please contact IP-Only Servicedesk at your earliest convenience. You can find the direct line number on your customer view in the IP-Only Customer Portal.

For questions regarding Alfrida, please follow the updates as they come in on SMHI’s (Sveriges meteorologiska och hydrologiska institut) warnings page. Alfrida is in the morning of the 2nd of January a class 2 warning.

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